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Although the ability to use phonics to decode is an important building block when learning to read, the ability to comprehend what has been read is essential. In order to understand what is read children need to be able to make and justify predictions, to decipher the meaning of unknown words, and also to ask questions and summarise what they have read. These skills are primarily taught during reading sessions from Year 1 onwards through the use of reciprocal reading and directed activities related to text, using the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme.

 In order to widen reading opportunities and promote reading for pleasure children make fortnightly visits to the school library, and weekly visits in KS1 and fortnightly visits in KS2 to the Lewis Carroll library.

Children also experience the joy of sharing a book with their class teacher during daily story time at the end of each day.

 The ability to read fluently and with understanding is an essential life skill. Our aim is to ensure that children are able to do this and to also gain a love of reading. 

Please use the links below to continue to support your child with reading and phonics at home. Please also ensure you find time to read with your child at home and comment and sign in their reading record book.

  • Oxford OwlFree downloadable ebooks from Oxford Reading Tree series