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The RECD does not prescribe how much of the curriculum ought to be devoted to the teaching of other religions, however it is clearly an expectation that it should happen in every key stage.


During the Autumn term, children in all year groups will learn about Judaism, with each focusing on a different theme. Therefore, it is hoped that by the time the come to leave primary education at Blessed Sacrament, they will have a firm understanding of and appreciation towards another major world faith.


Teaching Structure for Judaism

EYFS - Special Days:

Hanukkah (Chanukah) - The Feast of Lights


Year 1 - Stories:

Abraham and Moses - How God led the Jewish people


Year 2 - Prayer:

Shabbat - A day for God and a day for rest


Year 3 - Places for Worship:

The Synagogue - The place of Jewish worship 


Year 4 - Holy Books:

The Torah - The importance of this special book


Year 5 - Beliefs and Festivals:

Pesach - The Feast of Passover


Year 6 - Belonging and Values:

Yom Kippur - The value of atonement