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Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

With Christ’s love at the centre of our living and learning,
together we aim for excellence

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Our Curriculum Implemenatation

Blessed Sacrament Primary School

‘With Christ’s love at the centre of our living and learning, together we aim for excellence’


At Blessed Sacrament Primary school:

  • Teaching, learning and assessment in Reading, Writing, Maths and in other areas of the curriculum are of a good standard. Consistently good teaching throughout the school has a positive impact on pupils’ learning experiences and on their outcomes.

  • Teachers demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the teaching of literacy and other subjects and topics. Teachers’ strong subject knowledge and their infectious enthusiasm inspires and motivates the pupils. Pupils are fully engaged and are eager to do their very best. The teaching at Blessed Sacrament is creative, imaginative and inspirational.

  • Teachers and teaching assistants have created attractive and highly stimulating classrooms. There are useful learning walls with prompts to help pupils’ learning. Interesting artefacts, books and other learning resources support pupils learning in current topics.  Pupils work is generally of good quality and where it is particularly strong, it is successfully celebrated and displayed


The teachers plan each subject in detailed weekly plans.  At the beginning of each term a class newsletter giving an outline of what the class will be studying in each subject in the forthcoming term is produced.


Record-Keeping and Assessment

During each year from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6, the children are given formative and summative assessments. We track each pupil's progress and pupils have individual or group targets in all areas of the curriculum which help them to become more involved in their learning.  A child's progress is reported to parents during termly parent consultations and in the annual report.