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Home-School Agreement

Home School Parish Agreement

This is a reminder of the list of Parents’ Responsibilities which you have signed.


I/We will:


  • support the school in promoting the values and practice of the Catholic faith by praying at home, attending Mass and in living out the teachings of the Church
  • treat all staff, parents and pupils with respect
  • behave in a manner that sets a good example to children
  • ensure my child attends school regularly and on time and notify the school when he/she is absent or late 
  • make sure that my/our child does the homework set and listen to him/her read
  • ensure that my child is equipped for school with correct uniform and PE kit
  • encourage good behaviour and encourage my child to obey the Golden Rules
  • attend parent consultations
  • contribute to the best of my/our ability to the life of the school
  • show respect and tolerance towards people of other faiths and cultures.