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Continuing the learning journey at home

You can bring maths alive and help your child/ children at home by 

  • Looking for and discussing with their children Mathematical ideas in everyday things eg. cooking, decorating etc.
  •  Counting with their children eg. objects, steps, number rhymes etc. using larger numbers as the child progresses up the school.
  • Allowing children to handle money when shopping.
  • Playing number and counting games eg. Snakes and Ladders, Cards.
  • Looking for different shapes, weights etc. when shopping with their children.
  •  Encouraging their child to learn number bonds and multiplication tables.
  • Teaching children about time eg. the sequencing of the day, facts about time, reading the time.

Home activities

Early Years 

Throughout Early years Numicon is used to support the maths learning taking place.
Numicon is a teaching approach designed to give children the understanding of number ideas and number relationships that is essential for success in Mathematics.

Watch this video for an introduction to Numicon -- The multi-sensory approach to teaching primary maths.

Oxford Owl has some wonderful games, learning resources and advice on how to support your child/children in maths at home