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General Statement

The National Curriculum forms the basis of the curriculum and we encourage children to develop and apply knowlege and sills to the curriculum.  The core areas of the curriculum are Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).  Foundation subjects are History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Eduaction and Design Technology.  As Blessed Sacraments is a Catholic school, 10% of the curriculum time is given to Religious Education lessons.



The teachers plan each subject in detailed weekly plans.  At the beginning of each term a class newsletter giving an outline of what the class will be studying in each subject in the forthcoming term is produced.


Record-Keeping and Assessment

During each year from Foudnation stage to Year 6, the children are assessed both formally and informally.  We track each pupil's progress and pupils have individual or group targets in English and Maths which help them to become more involved in their learning.  A child's progreess is reported to parents during termly parent consultations and in the annual report.