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English As An Additional Language (EAL)

EAL at Blessed Sacrament School

At Blessed Sacrament School we believe


AT Blessed Sacrament school, the child's language is assessed using the Proficiency in English stages:

Stage A – New to English
Stage B – Early Acquisition
Stage C – Developing Competence
Stage D – Competent

Stage E-  Fluent


A child’s language development is monitored closely and Stage of English reviewed every term.


EMAS is a computer based program that we offer to learners of all abilities and can be a tailored to EAL children to help them to further develop language skills.


How can parents support their children in their English acquisition?

Support the children in maintaining and developing their mother tongue skills.

Parents should talk to their children in their first language unless they have strong English language skills of their own.

Here are some websites that may be useful: (For younger children)